Our Programs

Shiksharthi Education programs are designed to empower students and guide them towards the right career path.

Blended Learning Tuition Program

The BLT Program (Blended Learning Tuition Program) of Shiksharthi Education is a new version of one-to-one learning program.

Through this program, students will not only be able to learn from the traditional face-to-face learning method but they will also get the benefit of online learning.

This program is based on the popular K-12 Education system in which tuition classes are provided to the students of all curriculum (including CBSE, CICSE, State board, Cambridge IGCSE and O level, Cambridge A&AS level, international baccalaureate) by the best tutors for almost every subject from kindergarten to class 12.

Shiksharthi Education offers its Blended Learning Tuition Program into four categories for its students.


The Primary years tuition program is offered to students from pre-primary to class 5.


The Middle years tuition program is offered to students from class 6 to class 8


The Secondary years tuition program is offered to students of class 9th and 10th.


The senior secondary years tuition program is offered to students of class 11th and 12th.

Career Counselling Programs

Career counselling plays an important role in the life of a student. Every student needs guidance at some point in their life. Similarly, every student needs career counselling in their life to resolve the problems related to their studies and career.

Why career counselling?

Many students are worried about their careers. They are also very confused about which course or stream they have to choose, but due to lack of knowledge, they are unable to take the proper decision due to which they have to face stress, anxiety, depression, and frustration like problems in their life which affect their mental health.

Many students are not even aware that how many career options are available in front of them related to the stream or course they have selected?

How can career counselling help students?

The “One-size-fits-all” approach to education is fallacious and cannot be justified in the field of education.

Every student has their own tendency of learning and every student is unique in his/her own way and possess different capabilities.

In the present time of globalization and technology, there are so many career options available and there are lots of career opportunities where one can choose their profession according to their field of expertise.

Career counselling can help students in many regards:

* Better career decision
* Guidance on stream & course selection
* Knowledge of entrance exam & admission
* Reduced study anxiety & academic stress
* Get rid of frustration & depression
* Self-evaluation
* Stabilizing the thoughts
* List down academic goals

Student's Career Counselling

Career counselling program of Shiksharthi Education is especially designed for the students of class 9th to 12th that will provide all possible guidance and solutions to almost any kind of problem regarding their career decisions. So that every student makes a better career and fulfils all expectations and dreams.

Parental Counselling:

Sometimes Parents are not satisfied that the career option their child has chosen is right for him or not. Parental counselling program of Shiksharthi Education is especially created for the parents to solve their all possible queries by the experts in the form of interactive sessions and seminars that will provide them all possible solutions of almost all problems related to their child career.


Under these programs, Students will also get some more learning facilities like video lectures, live classes, study materials, test series and online interactive sessions & seminars.